Marketing of ‘data privacy label’

Internship (marketing)

Quodari is founded on the principle of data privacy. It is a hot topic, but at the same time not appealing to everybody. Therefore, in our marketing and communication we want to develop smart ways to bring the message across to our target members, journalists and opinion makers.

In 2014, the ‘National Think Tank’ (Nationale DenkTank) worked on the topic of the Impact of Big Data. One of the studies and recommendations was to implement the so called ‘Datawijzer’. It’s a set of pictograms that clearly indicates what happens with the data of the user of an app or website. The idea of the pictograms is strong but has never been adopted by the industry. At Quodari, we would like to investigate whether we can adjust the pictograms based on the actual concerns around data privacy (eg use of trackers). A second question would be to check how Quodari could use, adopt and revitalise the pictograms in some way in our communication and marketing. Also other types of visualisation where the data policies of Quodari are compared with others such as Facebook could be valuable to develop.

The purpose of this project can be summarised as follows:

1. Adjust or add pictograms to refect current reality.

2. Develop the ‘data-use card’ for Quodari.

3. Develop ideas and an approach for integrating the pictograms in our marketing & communication.

4. Benchmark Quodari against other platforms/apps (Facebook, …).

5. Develop other visual methods (such as comparison tables) to compare Quodari to other platforms/apps.

6. Optionally: write an article about the pictograms (in close collaboration with COO), with the purpose to publish the article (LinkedIn, blogpost, academic media).

7. Optionally: develop marketing & communication material/designs (in close collaboration with our designers)

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