Legal aspects of data privacy

Internship (legal)

There are many legal aspects related to apps, especially social media apps. There has been a lot of discussion recently around the power of the Big Tech, GDPR, fake news and hate content, freedom of speech. Also the data privacy issues related to the mechanisms behind personalised advertisements are becoming more and more clear. The EU is working on the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act, which should further protect both consumers and the market.

As data privacy is the fundament for Quodari, the legal framework in which we operate is very important. Furthermore, we should be able to clearly communicate how we deal with the legislation. How do we comply with GDPR? How do we deal with closed groups that share illegal content on our platform?

Therefore, this project is focused on the legal aspects. We want to analyse the legal framework (in The Netherlands and the EU) and the way we (should) comply with it. And we want to look at how other players such as Facebook interpret it (or how they work around it). It’s our purpose to publish one or more articles on the subject (LinkedIn or blogpost) and develop clearly readable materials for tech journalists and consumers who want to understand the legal context and the way Quodari deals with it. 

The purpose of this project is summarised as follows:

1. Analyse and summarise existing and upcoming (European and Dutch) legislations related to data privacy.

2. Analyse the impact for Quodari (data privacy, free speech aspect, etc.) and make recommendations how to strengthen Quodari policies & services.

3. Analyse how some of the relevant tech players (Facebook, Google, …) deal with the legislation (eg in End-User License Agreements, Privacy Statements).

4. Make a comparison between those players and Quodari.

5. Write one or more articles (in close collaboration with the CEO/COO) on the legal point of view and our position, with the purpose to publish the article (LinkedIn, blogpost, academic media).

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