International rollout plan

Internship (marketing)

We are launching a frst version of Quodari in February in The Netherlands. After that, we aim to rollout to the rest of Europe. This will not be an easy journey. Therefore we need a solid plan: understand country specifc context (competition, demographics, awareness of data privacy), defne the best sequence (which countries frst), understand country specifc marketing options and pricing, defne the PR and marketing approach, understand who are tech journalists and leaders in the public debate around big tech and data privacy, identify local agencies who can support our local marketing, estimate the marketing costs, … Note: we will not use the marketing machines of Facebook and Google (personalised ads).

This means desk research combined with analytical skills and a creative mind. You will work closely together with the CEO and COO for coming to a plan that makes sense. 

The purpose of this project is summarised as follows:

1. Analyse the market context of most relevant European countries (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Scandinavian countries, …) in terms of demographics, competition and awareness.

2. Defne (in close collaboration with CEO/COO) the best sequence for rollout in those countries.

3. Identify local marketing agencies.

4. Analyse the marketing options and their (high level) cost levels.

5. Define high level marketing approach per country.

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