Optimisation of energy consumption

Internship (technology)

Quodari consists of 2 main components: the app (currently a web-application) and the backend consisting of the database, content store and the logic (api’s that take care of communication between the frontend and the backend). Every app and platform is causing energy consumption: on the servers and on the device of the user. If our platform would grow to the size we aim for, the energy consumption will be considerable. So far, we didn’t take this into account in our designs. For sure, there are optimisations possible that will signifcantly reduce the energy consumption of our platform and app. Even if this doesn’t have a direct in terms of costs for Quodari as a company, we want to do the efort to optimise our platform for keeping energy consumption as low as possible (given acceptable service/performance). We want to take sustainability seriously.

The purpose of this project can be summarised as follows:

1. Investigate ways to measure/estimate energy consumption of our platform and app.

2. Desk research to understand what drives energy consumption in platforms/apps like Quodari.

3. Analyse which are the highest drivers of energy consumption in our platform/app.

4. Give recommendations/options for possible reduction of energy consumption and estimate the potential level of reduction.

5. Optionally: test (in lab-setting) the potential reduction.

6. Write an article on the subject in close collaboration with the CTO/COO (context, objective, theory, key findings and recommendations) with the purpose to publish the article (LinkedIn, blogpost, academic media).

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