Setup software test automation

Internship (technology)

Every few weeks, we publish a new release of Quodari. Also, sometimes we will have small enhancements or bug fixes in between the official releases. Even a small change in one place could lead to a disfunction somewhere else in the app. Therefore we want to setup an automatic testing process. This will test whether there is ‘regression’ of the application. We already have some level of automatic testing, but we need to setup a different type of testing, simulating ‘end-user’ behaviour.

The purpose of this project can be summarised as follows:

1. Investigate which tools are on the market that could be used for automatic testing

2. Compare and evaluate some of the tools, and come up with a recommendation/decision (in close cooperation with CTO/COO)

3. Install the tool

4. Develop relevant test scenarios

5. Implement the test scenarios in the tool

6. Document how new tests can be added / existing scenarios be adapted

7. Evaluate the results and write a report/article on the value of using the test tools, with the purpose to publish the article (LinkedIn, blogpost, academic media).

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