Share content & collaborate with privacy in mind.

Quodari is the European platform for easy content sharing and collaboration in a privacy-friendly environment. For business and private use. Ideal for collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Trusted by these organizations

Easily store and structure content

Simply save content such as photos, videos audio, documents or lists in memos. Easily structure and share it through collections. Just store it and the others are informed automatically. For groups, teams, organisations and communities.

Share inside our outside your organisation

For each collection, decide who can see the content. Share it with colleagues, teammates or the entire organisation. Or make a collection public to communicate with followers.

Collaborate, wherever you are

Collaborate within a workspace with selected contacts. Save, share and respond. Or easily start an online meeting.

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Organizations rely on Quodari
for various reasons

Full control
over your content

With Quodari you decide which content you share and with whom. From completely private
to public for everyone.

100% European
privacy proof

Quodari fully complies the European privacy laws & regulations. All data will be
stored in Europe.

A responsible
 social channel

With Quodari you communicate responsibly with your supporters. Without ads, trackers, data profiles or algorithms

A transparent
 profit model

Quodari does not collect or sell user data. We only earn from use, storage and special  functionalities within
the platform.

TU Delft uses Quodari

Quodari was chosen by the TU Delft, leading the WATER-MINING Consortium, as the platform for managing project documentation and for sharing knowledge and research results between the collaborating researchers and partners. The European consortium consists of 38 organizations in 12 countries.

Watch the story of Professor Patricia Osseweijer here



What does it cost?

Everybody can use Quodari for free until 2GB storage.
Take a subscription for extra possibilities or more storage space.


To get started or forever
  • 2GB storage
  • unlimited memos
  • unlimited collections
  • social functions
  • public profile page without public content
  • only connections, no followers
  • free but no ads


More storage and additional functions
  • 50GB storage
  • public profile page with max. 3 public collections
  • unlimited memos
  • unlimited collections
  • connections and followers
  • social functions


Extended possibilities
  • 500GB storage
  • extended public profile with unlimited content
  • unlimited public collections
  • unlimited memos
  • unlimited collections
  • connections and followers
  • sociale functions


Professional use in organisations, associations and collaborations
  • 500GB storage
  • workspace page for collaboration
  • user management
  • extended public profile page
  • connections and followers
  • version management for documents
  • rss feed integration


Upgrade for extra storage space (10 Euro per year per 50GB)

*See page Subscriptions for more information