Quodari is the social platform where  privacy comes first. Without advertisements, trackers and AI algorithms.


Use Quodari for everything you want to save and share.
Easily structured, without concerns about data privacy.




Why Quodari?

  1. A fair channel for the communication with the followers of your company, organisation, brand or club.

  2. A safe environment with respect for data privacy for everybody, from young to old.

  3. platform for collaboration and sharing of information within and across organisations, groups and teams.


How to use Quodari?

Use Quodari on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone to save and share all information you like. Or follow your friends, your favourite club or organisation. Privately or professionaly.


Store and share whatever you like: documents, photos, video, audio, files, lists, …


Structure your content with collections. For each collection you define who has access. And if others might add content.


A public profile for yourself, your group, company, brand, organization or club.


What makes Quodari unique?

Quodari isn’t just a social network or platform for file sharing. Quodari is different.

  1. You stay in control. At Quodari we don't use AI algorithms that define what content is presented to you. With us no manipulation, undesired content or advertisements.

  2. We are striving to a healthier app: protection of your privacy, less addiction and fewer distractions.

  3. A fair business model. We don’t trade personal data and don’t earn money based on your content and profile.



Quodari for:


Your memories, your nicest photos, notes, plans and ideas, wishes or perhaps your secret diary. Store everything you like, keep it for yourself or share it with who you want. 


Holidays, getaways, family gatherings and content that you want to share with your family. Cherish the finest moments: safe and easy to find back.


Do you want to share information and collaborate with colleagues, customers or partners outside of your organization? It’s simple with Quodari and without any concerns about data privacy. Furthermore, all data is stored on our own servers in Europe. Content is not disappearing in the cloud.


All information, photos and documents of your club easily accessible. From the committee reports to the photos of tournaments and club-evenings. Simple to follow for everybody who is interested.


Every organisation that takes corporate social responsibility seriously strives to a better world. With Quodari you offer your followers a fair communication channel. Now you also reach the group who has concerns about the big social media platforms!


Do you want to share information or content with your group? But do you prefer to do that in an environment without noise, ads and fake news? Quodari offers you a peaceful environment without ulterior motives. Pleasant for you and your group members!

Content creators

As content creator, trainer or coach you can share your content with your own connections and followers. Without being exposed to profiling, algorithms, undesired content or advertisements of your competitors...


A safe environment for sharing all kind of content you don’t want to put on other platforms. Also for the photos of the school play, sports day and the school trip. Some content only accessible to the teachers, other also to students and parents.


Quodari is for everybody, from young to old. For companies, organisations and individuals. For groups and associations. For family and friends. A platform with many possibilities. Simple, transparent and easily accessible. And even the free version is without advertisements.



What does it cost?

Everybody can use Quodari for free until 2GB storage.
Take a subscription for extra possibilities or more storage space.



To get started or forever
  • 2GB storage
  • unlimited memos
  • unlimited collections
  • social functions
  • public profile (limited*)
  • free but no ads


More storage and additional functions
  • 50GB storage
  • public profile (simple*)
  • public collections (max. 3)
  • unlimited memos
  • unlimited collections
  • sociale functions


Extended possibilities
  • 500GB storage
  • public profile (extended*)
  • unlimited public collections
  • unlimited memos
  • unlimited collections
  • sociale functions

Extra storage

Additional storage space for photos, videos and documents
  • 50GB additional storage space


*See page Subscriptions for more information