Frequently asked questions

What makes Quodari different? How do we ensure that your data is in safe hands with us? You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.
All your content remains yours

Questions and answers

Hopefully you will find the answers to your questions below. If not, please contact us.

What can I use Quodari for?

Your most special moments, brilliant ideas, some notes or just a practical reminder. From your favourite recipe to the photos of your children. The movies you have seen, the books you still want to read, your wish list, your bucket list. Photos, videos, documents. A to-do, a note, a link to an article on the internet. Everything works in the same simple way. On your mobile phone, your tablet or your computer.

What makes Quodari different from Facebook and Instagram?

Quodari is more. Quodari is your digital scrapbook, notebook, diary, wish list and to-do-book... Combined in one single app. You can store safely everything you want to remember (in the short term or the long term). And if you wish, you can share content with others. Your content and data is not sold or otherwise commercialised. You stay in control over your content. Simple, accessible to everybody, with data privacy as your fundemental right.

Quodari doesn't earn money by commercialising your content and data. We just charge a fair price for storage of photos and videos (above 2GB) and for premium subscriptions that offer special functionality.

What does Quodari do with my content?

Quodari will never use your content or data for commercial purposes. You will not get advertisements or fake-news. Furthermore, we don't assemble a profile of you based on your content and usage. We don't do anything with your content, except some technical operations that enable safe storage and the search functionality.

Quodari will never make any information accessible to the public or anonymous users. You can share your information only with your connections. This also means that we don't offer you information from persons of organisations that you haven't accepted as a connection.

Where is my content stored? Is it safe?

We use European data centres to store data and content. We have our own servers, so server capacity is not shared with others and the data is not 'in the cloud'. The data centres are certified at multiple levels (ISO 27001, SOC1, PCI DCS, NEN 7510). The data centres do not do anything with the data and content such as photos and videos. They don't even have access to the data and content, except with the explicit approval of an authorised officer of Quodari and only for a specific purpose and during a limited time period.

This also means that the data centres never leverage the stored data and content. They cannot process the information and use it for marketing, advertising or other commercial purposes. 

The data centres offer a strong data protection. The protection is managed at various levels:

  • Physical security: the access to the data centre is strictly regulated. Only authorised persons have access to specific zones in the data centre.
  • Separation of data: the information of the Quodari users is physically separated from that of the other customers of the data centre.
  • Redundancy of storage: all information is stored in more than one place. This means that if a calamity occurs in one of the servers containing information, the other servers automatically take over, so no data is lost.

How can I install Quodari?

Quodari can be used on any device with a browser via For use on a mobile device, you can download Quodari from the appstore:

- Download from the Apple app store
- Download from Google Play

How can I organise my content in Quodari?

With Quodari you can organise your content using collections. Whether you want to store a note, memory or to-do, everything works in the same simple way.

For each collection you define whether you want to keep the content just for yourself or if you want to share it with trusted contacts such as your family, friends or colleagues.

Looking for something you stored in Quodari? You can retrieve it easily. The name of the book you wanted to read, that good restaurant in Paris that you would like to recommend to a friend... You can search for something specific or you can find interesting by the content of others on the 'Discover' page.

Can I share content with others?

Yes, for sure. For each of your collections you can define whether you want to keep the content to yourself or share it with trusted contacts such as your partner, family, friends or colleagues. If you share a collection, you can choose between 'all contacts' or a selection of your connections. With a paid subscription you can also make a collection 'public' (through a link).

In which languages is Quodari available?

At this moment Quodari is available in English, (Belgian) French and Dutch. In the coming months Quodari will become available in German, Spanish and Italian.

Where do I find the manual?

Click here for the manual about the different essential features Quodari offers. 

Is the app being further developed?

Yes, certainly. We regularly add new features to the app. We will also be releasing a version that can be downloaded from the app stores. We issue a new release every six weeks. In between we have smaller updates. You don't have to do anything: you will get the new version automatically. We inform the users of the main changes. More information can be found in the sections app updates and release notes.

Can I make suggestions for improvements to the app?

We really appreciate feedback about the app. Can we improve something? Is there a feature you would like to have? We will be glad to hear from you and we are keen to understand how you use the app. In the main menu there is a special function for giving feedback. But you can also use the contact page on the website for questions or suggestions.

Isn’t it unusual that Quodari uses social media?

We are not opposed to the well-known social media, although we want to offer an alternative based on different starting points. We use social media for communication about Quodari. But we don't use paid advertisements to target specific groups.

What happens to the location data in my photos?

If you upload photos containing metadata (exif), such as where the picture was taken, we create a separate version without this data. The version without metadata will be displayed if you share it with your connections. But if you look at or download your photos yourself, we keep the metadata in the original. So we protect your privacy without deleting information that might be valuable to you. Of course, you can always enter and share a location on the memo itself.

How can I delete my account and my content?

If you want to delete your account and related data:

  • go the account settings page (in the browser version or the mobile app).
  • at the bottom of the page, click on the link 'Delete account'.
  • this will open the request form to ask for account removal. Submit the form.
  • the support desk will take care of your request within 2 business days.
  • all your content will be deleted, except:
    • memos you created in collaboration collections of others or in workspaces
    • documents you uploaded to memos of others
    • comments you left on memos of others.
  • we keep backups of your data for maximum 1 month. In the case you would like to reactivate your account after deletion, reach out to (we don't give any guarantees after account deletion).

Quodari is your personal digital notebook, scrapbook, diary, wish list and to-do book... Combined in a single app with social features.