App updates

We plan regular releases with new functionality. We will inform you of any important changes.
Regular releases with new functionality



Regularly we issue a release with small enhancements and corrections. Refresh your browser (PC) and reload the app (mobile) to load the latest version.

What is on our roadmap? A selection:

  • Delegation of access to an account to other users (for example: sharing the access to the account used for public communication with various members of the communication department).
  • Improved functionality for groups
  • Direct messages to connection or group
  • Chat
  • Change order of memos inside a collection
  • Paid collections
  • Family subscription (shared storage space)
  • Group or company subscription
  • Events
  • Photo editing
  • Camera roll (overview of photos)
  • Document list (overview of documents)
  • Synchronisation of photos and documents
  • More options for (rich) text editing
  • Tables
  • Export of your data and content
  • Additional privacy settings
  • Change the e-mail address of your account

This is not a complete overview. But don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about missing functionality. It will help us to define the priorities for product development.


Release notes

Store whatever you like. Share it if you want. Discover content of others. Convenient, in a single app.