For investors

We are convinced that Quodari has a lot of potential and is interesting for investors in this early stage. The founders took care of the investments up to the beta-testing phase. Several informal investors joined later. We welcome other investors for the next phase in which we will take some big steps.
We believe in de potential for investors


Business model

Everybody can start with a free subscription. Our business model is not based on advertisements but on paid subscriptions. For professional use, premium functions, additional storage and paid content. The first revenue has been generated, both in B2C and B2B. We expect a significant growth in the coming period.

To finance our growth, we are looking for investors who recognise a good opportunity. Investors who believe in our vision, product and team. Who understand that the market is growing for privacy friendly solutions. And that Quodari has stepped in this marktet at the right time.

Curious about our business plan? Please contact us via the contact page. We will be happy to present our plans, product and team.

Quodari started with a rough idea. In 2021 we have launched the beta version of our platform. In 2022 we have further developed the platform and the apps are available in the appstores. In 2023 we will grow further and rollout internationally.

Also with a fair business model you can run a profitable business.